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Welcome to the Solipsys Limited web-site. Like the web itself, this site is under continual review and evolution. Our hope is to make this site useful, and then add to it constantly so that it continues to be an interesting place to visit.

If you have any suggestions for changes to this site, be they corrections, additions, deletions or even complete rewrites, please visit About This Site and you'll find more information about the presentation, content, and how you can help to improve it with almost no effort. Please note, however, that if you send a page update with no substantive changes or improvements, or if you do not fill in your e-mail address so that I can discuss the changes with you, you are unlikely to see any changes on the page.

This site is largely, but not exclusively, written and maintained by Colin Wright. You can read more about him on his own page.

Colin has a regular day job as head of research, innovation and engineering in a company that designs and produces equipment to assist with the monitoring and control of maritime traffic (think air traffic control, but for ships) In addition, Colin spends a lot of time giving talks in schools and for other organisations to try to convince people that maths is exciting, relevant, interesting and worth-while.

It may be working. He now has several TV appearances to his name, and more speaking requests than he can sensibly handle. See the pages
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