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Roderick Kimball - Nerd

Enigami Puzzles and Games is a project by Roderick Kimball. The text on the site says:

Roderick was born in BC, making him either ridiculously old, or simply Canadian. In his youth, Roderick was sometimes spotted on the slow end of a soccer pitch but more often on the fast end of a chess board. (Surely you've heard of the notorious Kimball maneuver, in which one opens a chess match by flipping the king's pawn into the air such that it lands, butter side up, on the king's fourth rank.)

A curious child, Roderick once temporarily blinded himself by connecting his top and bottom braces with a 9-volt battery. Roderick has created puzzles for the National Museum of Mathematics, Games Magazine, Reader's Digest Canada, NPR's Ask Me Another, and for his own amusement.

This is a placeholder - soon to have some text, images, and pointers:

In the meantime, here is a link to the main page:

In the other half of his life, Roderick has toured the world juggling with the Flying Karamazov Brothers. He also recently returned from Kenya, where he was sent by Engineers Without Borders to help folks with improving their water supply.

He is proud to say that his ancestry includes two very great grandmothers who were executed as witches and he once made bottled water come out Rosie O'Donnell's nose.



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