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Dominoes Unlimited is one of the Mathematics Talks given by Colin Wright.

It's fairly easy to use 32 dominoes, each two squares in size, to cover a regular 8x8 chess board.

  • What if you remove one of the corners from the board.
    • Can it still be covered?
      • How many dominoes will it take?
  • What if you remove two adjacent corners.
    • Can the board be covered now?
      • How many dominoes will it take?
  • What about removing opposite corners?
    • Now can it be covered?
Chess board
opposite corners
Starting with these questions the talk goes on to explore pattern, possibility and proof, looking at necessary versus sufficient, and how we can be sure that something really is impossible.

If you're interested in knowing more, let us know.

A mathematics talk by Colin Wright. We start with the well-known popular maths question about covering a chess board with dominoes, and move on from there.
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