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DiffBin - binary file compare.
(c) 2000 - C.D.Wright

DiffBin  reads two binary files, comparing them bytewise.
Upon finding a difference it reports the offsets into the
two files and attempts to resynchronise.  It does this by
finding small pieces that can be excised from each, up to
a total over both files of  <matchlimit>  bytes, to leave
the next  <syncsize>  bytes identical.  The sizes removed
are also reported.

Command Line


    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2
    DiffBin:DiffBin -1 name1 -2 name2
    DiffBin:DiffBin -file1 name1 -file2 name2
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -to results
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -ss 256
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -hex
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -ml 1k -ws 2m
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -quiet
    DiffBin:DiffBin name1 name2 -print -to results

When run from the command line, the program takes several
parameters to control its behaviour.  These are (optional
components given in square brackets):

    [ -1 or -file1 ]   file_name
    [ -2 or -file2 ]   file_name
    [ -to or -output   file_name ]
    [ -ss or -syncsize    ]
    [ -ml or -matchlimit  ]
    [ -ws or -workspace   ]
    [ -print              ]   : send output to screen
                              ( forced unless -output
                                is also present )
    [ -help               ]   : print the help file
    [ -hex or -hexdecimal ]   : report numbers in hex
    [ -quiet              ]   : only report differences

In the absence of the keywords -syncsize, -matchlimit  or
-workspace, default values are used. When provided, these
values may have "k", "K", "m" or "M" appended to indicate
that the size is in kilobytes or megabytes as appropriate.

DiffBin also has a DDEUtils front end, kindly provided by
N.S.Walker of Wynded Software.  Thanks Neil.  If DDEUtils
is present then DiffBin will be installed on the icon bar
and then operation is largely self-explanatory.  Neil was
also involved in discussions during the design phase.

This software is deemed to be "ThanksWare". If you use it
at all, please let me know.  Suggestions for improvements
will be considered, especially if accompanied by suitable
code.  Please do not distribute altered versions.



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