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By Colin Wright to ...

  • Janice and Martin:
    • Guards! Guards!
    • Equal Rites
  • Jim Al Khalili: The Princess Bride (book)
  • Rob Eastaway: DVD on juggling
  • Chris Oakes: WtP on Management
  • Jonathan Brady: How to Win Friends ...
  • Charles Brookman: Site-Swap DVDs
  • Fe
    • Christine El Mahdy: Tutankhamen - Life and Death of a Boy King
    • Lindsay Allason-Jones: Roman Woman
    • Linda Flannery and Jane McDonald: Take up Upholstery
    • Martin Cheek: Mosaics in a Weekend
    • Pendlebury: Tell El Amarna
    • Elizabeth Peters: The Elephant and the Sandbank
  • Ian Walker
    • 2 Laurel and Hardy DVDs
    • Charlie Chaplin DVD
  • Constance: Ender's Game

To Colin Wright from ...

  • Jonathan Allday
    • Science & Christian Belief, John Polkinghorne
    • Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
  • Neil - Lewis Carroll in Numberland

To Rachel Wright from ...

  • Fe - Nefertiti: Unlocking the Mystery

And someone's got Colin's copies of

  • Dune, Frank Herbert
If it's you, please let me know ...



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  • Maths, Design, Juggling, Computing,
  • Embroidery, Proof-reading,
  • and other clever stuff.

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