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images/burkes.gif Burke's Barrage is a Site Swap of 4 2 3 where the 3 is done in the centre of Juggle Space, the 4 is always done from the wrong side of the body, and the 2 is a big looping carry, catching the ball on the wrong side and carrying it over the top around underneath to throw the 4.

At least, that's how CharlieDancey describes it in his book, The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling, ISBN 1-898591-13-X. He has since announced that it is in fact wrong, and that a slight modification is required. The carry should pass through the Juggling Pattern, not over the top. The correction is made in later editions of the book.

Given time we may produce an animation of the corrected version so they can be compared, although we're not sure that anyone really knows what it's supposed to look like.


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