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As it says on About This Site, pages here are written in plain text and then auto-converted to HTML. The plain text is stored in files that have the page name as the filename. For example, this page is called BumpyCaseWords.html, and the plain text for it is stored in a file called Bumpy Case Words. Links are formed automagically whenever there's a "word" that matches an existing filename, or whenever the "word" has a particular form - Camel Case or Bumpy Case words.

In short, take two or more words, capitalise them, and smash them together. This gives you a Bumpy Case Word, and that will always try to form a link. If the destination page doesn't exist you will be taken to a page called Not Done Yet, and the missing page name will be stored in my logs. Thus I can expand the site in those places people ask for.

If you want more information then you can send mailto:webmaster@solipsys.co.uk and I'll try to help.


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