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I'm starting to take this "blogging" thing more seriously, but I keep getting fleeting ideas for things to write about, and then when it comes time to write something I can never remember any of them.

So this is where I'll put cryptic, and not so cryptic, notes about things I could/should write about. Additionally, Adam has suggested some sources:

  • Diagramming Maths Topics
  • Three integers in AP that product to a prime
    • Connection with Landau's problem.
  • What if I had an algorithm for an NPC problem?
  • Elliptic curves
  • Fourier, the spring, the string, and the pendulum.
  • The Lasso problem
  • Proof that | [0,1)^2 | == |[0,1)|
    • Not the interleaving, as that doesn't work
      • ... or use that one and fix it so it does work.
  • There exists a transcendental
  • Dedekind cuts
  • Using a river to find the earth's radius
  • The Triangles
    • Hill-Climbing / Hill-Descending
    • Spikey Spheres
    • 1800-dimensional optimisation
    • Image approximation
  • The tension between explaining clearly,
    and helping to develop proof skills
  • Decision tree in business
  • RANT: developers should be made to use slow machines.

There were more but, ironically, I can't remember them ...





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