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Ben Sparks' talk locations.
Larger dots mean sooner,
red dots are already past.

A maths teacher by training, Ben has previously passed the time by juggling (and lobbing diabolos really really high), playing his guitar and singing round the world, trying to design a piece of radar recognition software that learns on the job, and growing his hair/beard.

Ben gives talks to a wide range of audiences: ranging from workshops for 12 year olds to teachers conferences, and pretty much anything in between. Recent talk titles:
  • Creation Of Number
  • Rumours of Other Worlds
  • The Sacred Geometry Of Chance
  • Mathematical Magic.

He has a website at and he can be contacted on benjamin.sparks[at]

Ben is one of the Other Speakers I can recommend.


Based in Dorset in the south of England.

The map at right shows the rough locations of some of Ben's upcoming talks, but it doesn't give much indication of when. The list gives exact dates, and the "map" at the bottom of this page gives the details in a different way.

You need to check his home page for details:

From now going forwards ...

Here is a simple list of talks. The postcodes are often approximate and should not be relied on. Their locations are for indication only.

Date Title Event/Location District
2013-11-01 NCETM Professional Development Leads Event WC1H
2013-11-02 5 min talks Maths Jam Annual Conference ST15

Talks in Space-Time ...

This "map", provided you can read it, shows both when and where these talks will be. See if you can work it out.

Selected past talks ...

Date Title Event/Location District
2008-06-25 Creation Of Number TMF - The Lighthouse - Poole BH17
2007-06-?? Inventing Imaginary Number TMF - Bournemouth University BH1
2009-06-24 Creation Of Number Take Maths Further - Poole BH17
2011-03-21 Creation Of Number Abbeyfield School SN15
2011-04-15 Rumours of Other Worlds MA Conference LE11
2011-06-29 Sacred Geometry of Chance Take Maths Further BH17
2013-10-21 Further Pure Maths Day Bournemouth School for Boys BH8
2013-10-20 Creation Of Number Liverpool Maths Society L69

There are many more.



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