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Andrew Lipson is a co-founder of Solipsys Limited along with Colin Wright. In his own words, he plays Go (badly), guitar (worse) and can juggle and unicycle in addition to having a Ph.D. from Cambridge in knot theory. He also invented the Juggling Pattern that he calls Andrew's Alliteration.

Andrew moved on from Solipsys in the mid-1990s when his work offered the opportunity to travel. More information is available from his web-site at which also has the original his picture. Can you see what's so bizarre about it?
Andrew and a colleague/friend devised the Lipson Shiu Test, which can be found here:

I think the test says as much about Andrew and his friends as it does about the people taking it.
With the same friend, Andrew has also been working on replicating some of Escher's work in Lego. See his page for more details on the sculptures themselves, and the techniques used. Yes, I know "The Thinker" is not by Escher, but it's pretty impressive.


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