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Staying on track

These are from where they are expanded on and put in context. I strongly recommend you go to the source - the questions alone aren't enough.
  • In one sentence, what does your product do and who buys it?
  • In one sentence, why does someone buy your product?
  • What one thing is most responsible for preventing sales?
  • What's one thing you could do to get more feedback from customers, potential customers, or sales you've lost?
  • If you had zero revenue from now on, on what date would you run out of money?
  • If someone handed you $\$$100,000 today, how would you spend it to maximize future profits?
  • If you were forced to hire someone today, how would you define her job such that she would contribute enough revenue to cover her expense?
  • Which of your business operations do you hate?
  • What initiatives could be done half-assed without significant impact?
  • If you could get one solid hour of advice from a guru you respect, what would you discuss and what would be the goal of the meeting?

Gathering advice for assessment

Collecting articles with advice on start-ups. I'm intending to distill the advice here.





  • Most people execute linearly, step by step
    • They measure progress by "steps they did"
  • Entrepreneurs focus on the goal
    • They measure progress by "accomplishing their goals"

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