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One cycle of
4 5 1 4 1
45141 is a three ball juggling Site Swap, difficult to describe, and a little difficult to do, but very nice once you have it running.

It can be thought of as using the 4 transition into the shower, a single cycle of the shower, then the 41 transition out of the shower.

Not everyone finds that description helpful!

45141 can be inserted as a single variation into a three ball cascade, or it can be run continually.

To do this trick you need to be familiar with the fountain throw and the one high throw.

While juggling three ball cascade throw a single fountain throw, then a single five ball cascade throw. These two throws will come down in turn on the same side.

4 5 1 4 1
While they are in the air, pass the remaining ball over and do a fountain throw. There will be a ball come in (that was the first fountain throw) and pass that over as well.

Then, unlikely though it seems, you can return to the three ball cascade!

The animation here shows the trick being run continually. Note that the blue ball is constantly going over the top. The trick lasts for five throws, the blue ball has a cycle time of 5, so it's always the same ball.

Hmm. Maybe there is something to this site swap business after all.


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