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images/441_once.gif 441 is a three ball juggling Site Swap, also known as the Fake Box. It can be inserted as a single variation into a three ball cascade, or it can be run continually. This animation shows the "one off" version.

To do this trick you need to be familiar with the Fountain Throw.

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While juggling three ball cascade throw two consecutive Fountain Throws, making them about twice as high as the other throws. These are the two 4s mentioned in the name of this Juggling Trick. Transfer the third ball directly from one hand to the other. This is the "1".

If you got this exactly right you can now go back to juggling the cascade without a break in your rhythm. Alternatively you can do another 441 immediately, the first 4 (the Fountain Throw) being done with the ball you just transferred.

Running this trick continually you end up with Fountain Throws on each side of the body and a transfer underneath, giving the same basic shape as The Box but at a much easier pace. Hence the name Fake Box. images/441.gif


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