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~The venue is Yarnfield Park, which is a large conference
centre reasonably far from any large town. Yarnfield is
fully wheelchair accessible, and the conference room is
filled with large round tables. Food is served in the
canteen downstairs, and there is also a bar in the building.
The accommodation is on site within the complex, on three
wheelchair accessible floors in several blocks. Rooms are
en-suite and no more than within a few minutes walk of from the
main room.

* Yarnfield Park
* Yarnfield
* Stone
* Staffordshire
* ST15 0NL

* Reception: 01785 762605
* Email:

If you want things to be delivered to the venue for your
subsequent collection, send them to the above address c/-
"MathsJam Gathering"

Here is a map of the site:


When you arrive please go to main reception, which
is in the large building in the middle of the map,
the entrance is on the South side of the building.
It's suggested that you park first round the back
and then walk through. Wheelchair access via this
route is quite reasonable.

There is a dropping off point to the West of main
reception for, well, dropping off. And unloading.
No extended parking permitted at this location.

!! The Rooms

The rooms are like a Travelodge or Premier Inn.
Provided will be towels and soap, tea/coffee and
biscuits. It's like a budget hotel rather than a
guest house or hostel.

!! Checking in/out

Check-in isn't available until 14:00 on the day of
arrival, and check-out is at 10:00 on the day of
departure. Luggage can be stored in their luggage
room near reception, or in the conference room. room.

!! Pub

We mentioned it above but there is a bar/pub off the main reception area and we've had people
spend the entire weekend at MJ without noticing it.

!! Telegraph poles

Next to the venue is an area filled with telegraph poles. This is not necessarily useful to you,
but some people have spent an entire weekend at MJ without noticing it. You might want
to go and look at it when you have a free moment.