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Being on-line this isn't so much a list of "What to Bring" as
"What you
might like want to have to hand during the weeked"

some or all of:

Scissors / Glue / Pritt stick / Sellotape
* Blue-tack
* Paper / pens / pencils (and maybe coloured pencils)
* Post-It notes
* Calculator
* Lego (because why not)
* Knitting needles / Yarn / string / ribbon
* Games / puzzles
* Decks of playing cards
* Rubber / Elastic Bands
* Coins / Dice / Tokens
* A protractor or ruler or some edge you can fold paper against (for origami purposes)
* Interesting toys

If you'd like to join in with any of our MathsJam Activities, you could also prepare
* A cake, or other baked item, for the MathsJam Bakeoff
* A recording of a song, for the MathsJam Jam
* A competition, for the MathsJam Competition Competition
* An activity, or equipment to run one, as part of the Saturday Evening Tables