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This information is for travelling to Yarnfield Park, which
(obviously) we are not doing in 2020. However, we'll leave
it here in case people are considering the 2021 MathsJam.
previous years delegates have run a shuttle service from
Stone station to the venue, and we expect that this will
happen again.

If you will have a car and are willing to shuttle people to
and from the station, please add your name to the list of
shuttle volunteers on the relevant live document here:



"Shuttle Wrangler" will coordinate the shuttlers on the
Friday night (and afternoon) and Saturday morning. In past
years this has been done via the whiteboard in the main room
first thing on Saturday, with shuttles being assigned as
needed. A similar procedure will be followed for lifts home.

For people arriving at Stafford station (STA) or Stoke-On-Trent
station (SOT) there are taxis.

See also: Travelling by train