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[[[< Review Pending for _ MathsJam 2020 ]]]
Testing, testing, 1, 10, 11
This page is here so new editors can try things out.

! Single pling heading
!! Double pling heading
!!! Triple pling heading

* Single splat list
** Double splat

| Elementary | Table |
| Layout | is _ possible |
| Note the | embedded _ line-feed |

[[[>50 You can put things in boxes, left or right,
with a specific percentage size. ]]]
There's not *much* more /formatting/ possible.
!# You can't do much to control the exact layout !#

You can work it out.

I can indeed work it out. I think I want to avoid changing the editing permissions though?
For example, where it says

! Who can edit this page

and the options are

| Members |
| Council |
| Admin |

If I change it to *admin* then I will no longer be able to edit it myself? myself?
* If you don't have *admin* access, then no, you won't.

[You can put arbitrary text for a link]( _
Put the text in square brackets and the link in round brackets.