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!! MathsJam Bakeoff

[[[> One of the _ MathsJam activities ]]]
Our now-annual maths baking competition will continue to test
your baking skills. There'll be a cake/baked good/confection
contest, judged by a randomly[*] selected panel, and anyone
anyone attending the conference is welcome to enter. Entry enter.
to the
the competition is free (well, more strictly, it'll cost you
approximately one cake or equivalent).

The rules are posted below.

* You must bake/otherwise create a mathematically interesting cake/baked good/confection, and bring it with take a photograph or video of it. Since we'd like you to the gathering. (Please also bring a knife to cut it into portions; we'll provide serving plates.)
* The judging will be in three categories: best flavour, best presentation, and best maths.
* The first will reward a well-made, delicious item; the second will reward the item which has been decorated the most beautifully and looks most like what it's supposed to be; and the third will reward the most ingenious mathematical theming.
* As with all the competitions, when you submit your entry, please inform an organiser so they can mark down who has submitted what, but please leave
have baked your entry anonymous. Entries will be gathered on Saturday morning as delegates arrive - go to specifically for this event, the tables at the back photo should include a piece of the room and find someone to leave paper with 'MathsJam 2021' written on it. (Please don't submit old photos of things you baked ages ago, no matter how good they were).
* You can submit
your entry with.

Any food not required for judging purposes
by email to and it will appear in our gallery of bakes which people can visit during the weekend. You can also include a title, or any relevant details people might want to know to fully appreciate your cake. Any entries received before or during the weekend will be distributed
added, but the MathsJam later it's added the fewer people will see it to vote.
* Judging will be undertaken by vote among
gathering attendees, so please bring details
of any allergens or other ingredients
attendees; details of how to vote for your favourite cake will be added alongside the gallery of bakes. A prize will be awarded for the most popular entry, and we'll contact the winner to send this out by post after the event.
* Sadly, the task of eating
your entry contains so
they can
will fall entirely on you and anyone in your house. If you'd like to label any allergens for old times' sake, please do, but you'll be labelled.

the only one(s) eating it.

of previous MathsJam Bakeoff entries can be found here:


you have any questions about the bake-off, please email

[*] You know it ...