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In 2023 there will be no anti-COVID measures at the MathsJam Gathering.

!! The MathsJam Gathering
COVID policy

Despite what some people think and everyone wants, COVID is
still with us. To

try to make the MathsJam Gathering as safe
as we can while still striking a balance between safety, fun,
and convenience, we have created the following policy.

* We ask every attendee to have up-to-date COVID vaccinations to whatever extent is possible for them;
* We also ask people to do a rapid lateral flow test (RLFT) before coming.

If possible, you should aim to do a RLFT every day you are on site. We intend to provide free tests (at least one per person) although it would help if people could source their own. If you don't have access to RFLT tests before coming, let us know when you arrive and we can give you one to take on the spot before the sessions start. If a positive COVID tests test prevents you from attending some or all of the event, we will be happy to refund all or part of your ticket as needed, and Remote Attendance is available if you still want to join in from home.

We will not require people to wear masks during the event, but invite people to wear masks if they are more comfortable doing so. We also intend to provide free masks for anyone who needs them.

We also intend to provide HEPA filtering units in the main space, so the room where the talks and most of the event will take place will have good air circulation and filtration.


you have any questions or concerns about any of this then
feel free to contact us by email -