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[[[>50 This
document is still in draft form, and will may change at
short notice.
at short
Some of its content may be false. Do not
(yet) rely
Please do not (yet)
on anything here. ]]]

MathsJam 2023 is going to be fully hybrid, both in-person and
with an on-line component for those who are unable or unwilling
to attend in person. We are committed to doing all we can to
make the event accessible, so if you feel that your situation
is in any way unusual or may need particular attention, please
get in touch so we can make sure we are aware of what needs to
be done.

Colin Wright
MathsJam Accessibility Statement

!! General principle

MathsJam is intended to be open to all who sign up to the Code of Conduct.

We aim to make the Gathering easily accessible for everyone by default. We will
We will do
all we can to accommodate requests, even those at short notice or notice
not known
known about in advance.

In addition, Yarnfield Park's website ( states:

* We are committed to ensuring that all of our visitors are able to get around Yarnfield Park easily.
* If you have any queries or need assistance during your visit, please contact any member of staff, who will be happy to help.
* Before your visit if you have any questions please call our reception team on 01785 762605.

Our experience is that the venue lives up to this commitment, or else the
Gathering would be held elsewhere.

This accessibility statement complements the MathsJam Code of Conduct.

If there is anything we've missed from the details below, or anything we can
do to help you (or anyone else) access the Gathering, please get in touch with
Colin Wright (click the link) and we'll do all we can to put it right.

!! The venue: Yarnfield Park

* Travelling To The Venue
** Travelling By Car
** Travelling By Train
*** Note: The nearest station to Yarnfield Park is Stone (Staffs), which is unstaffed and does not offer step-free access. The mainline stations at Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent are both wheelchair-friendly; if arranged in advance we can collect and drop you at either of these;

** Travelling By Air

Venue website:

Google maps:

!! Volunteer shuttle

Delegates self-organise a shuttle service of lifts to and from Stone station,
both at the start and end of the conference. We appreciate that this may not
be appropriate for all delegates; if you have alternative transportation needs,
please let us know ahead of time so we do what we can to accommodate them.

!! Entrance and reception

All of the buildings at Yarnfield Park are wheelchair-accessible, with lifts
serving every floor. Reception can be reached 24/7 on 01795 762 605.

!! Parking

The car park is slightly tricky to find, although new signage will hopefully
that has
in place before since the 2019 Gathering. Gathering has made it easier. The venue provides venue
a helpful map:

There are designated car parking spaces in the main car park for blue badge
holders. Reception (01795 762 605) is happy to help if you need special assistance
assistance from
the car park.

!! Accommodation

All floors of the accommodation blocks are served by lifts. Yarnfield Park has
has four
accessible en-suite bedrooms; please let us know when booking if you will
you will require
one of these.

!! Catering

[[[>50 Details for dinners on Friday night and Sunday night are Still To Come. ]]]
Four hot meals are included in the price of the Gathering - lunch and dinner on
Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you are staying Friday night
and/or Sunday night, breakfast is included. Arrangements for dinner on Friday
and Sunday are yet to be confirmed.

All meals are served in the canteen. Food is cafeteria-style with hot food served
for you, and self-service soup, salad, desserts and drinks. There are usually
three hot food options, including one vegetarian. If we know about any dietary
requirements in advance, we can ensure you receive appropriate meals. If carrying
a tray would be difficult or inconvenient, please let us know; venue staff will be
happy to assist.

If you have severe allergies, please let us know well in advance so we can make
the appropriate preparations.

There can be long queues for food, especially towards the start of meal times.

Our allotted eating times are quite long, and eating slightly later in the break
can avoid having to wait in line.

!! The room

MathsJam takes place in a large room with round tables. It can be difficult
to navigate. We try to ensure a clear path around the back and front of the
room to allow everyone to move around freely; however, immediately after each
session, there is often a blockage in front of the stage while people discuss talks
with the speakers.

There is only one exit from the room, and because the room layout is rather tight,
it is not always easy to leave discreetly from the centre of the room mid-session.

Leaving from the edges of the room is more straightforward.

We are considering how best to improve access to, from and around the room.

!! Session structure

The MathsJam Gathering consists of several sessions, each containing six to eight
five-minute talks. In each talk, usually one person speaks; occasionally, there is
audience participation. Any such participation should be arranged beforehand;
under no circumstances will you be placed under any pressure to participate in
a way you do not wish to.

Between talks, an MC gives information; there is applause between speakers.

!! Accessible toilets

Yarnfield Park has unisex accessible toilets on both floors of the main conference

!! Hearing loop

All MathsJam speakers use a microphone, and the venue provides a portable
induction loop for hearing-aid users.

!! Language

The lingua franca /lingua/franca/ of the MathsJam Gathering is English, but we but
are very sympathetic to speakers of other languages and do and
our best to make things clear. If you are nervous about your about
English, first: please don't be! and second: please let please
us know when booking and we'll make an extra effort to make to
you feel welcome.


There are some thoughts on providing Language Assistance
for anyone who is a little worried about their ability in
English. Click that link to find out more.

Quiet space

The main MathsJam room, break area and dining areas can be noisy be
at break

break times.

rooms near to the main MathsJam room are usually left usually
empty, and
and are available for anyone who wants or needs quiet needs
and/or solitude. We have not
not had a formal quiet space at space
previous Gatherings, but are considering introducing
a designated
introducing a
area for the 2019 2023 event.

!! Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome at Yarnfield Park.

!! Stage

The stage currently requires speakers to climb two steps. If you would require
step-free access to the stage, please let us know and we will work with the venue
to ensure you can fully participate in the Gathering.

If standing to give a talk would cause difficulty, we can easily provide a chair.

!! Medical emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, members of the Yarnfield Park staff are
trained in first aid and will provide immediate assistance.

!! Evacuation

In the unlikely event that the venue needs to be evacuated, trained staff will
ensure you leave the building safely and quickly.

!! Accessibility statement details and contact

This accessibility statement is maintained by Colin Beveridge
* email:
* phone: 07796 430 862
* postcard:
** 80 Abbotsbury Road,
** Weymouth
** DT4 0AG
If anything is missing or needs correcting - or if you have questions -
please tell me. I will investigate, update the statement as necessary
and let you know.

Alternatively, there is a Google form: ( if you would prefer a
[Google form
to submit anonymous


provide anonymous feedback.](


Gathering Accessibility Statement - version 0.5 0.6 - 2019-03-11 2023-08-01