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I have some generic thesis-writing advice to supplement that given by your supervisor, but only if it's welcome.

Start writing now!

Writing a thesis is a skill on its own, additional to doing the work, and presenting the work. It's important that you learn this skill as early as you possibly can.

You can only learn the skill of writing by practising it. You need to write, write, write. Write thesis-type presentations of trivial results, and be prepared to throw it away. What you've written is not valuable, the fact that you've written it is what matters.

The style of writing required for a thesis is unlike any other. It needs to be clear, complete, and methodical, but it also needs to shout "LOOK - THIS IS CLEVER!"

So writing up results that don't matter and getting into the style means that later, when you're panicking about getting it all finished, you can concentrate on the content.

Because you will already have the skill to write it well.

This is hard to do!

Dedicating time now to something that feels like it won't be needed for a long time is really tough - I find it nearly impossible. But it will save so much time and stress later.

Be persistent! Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes to this, three times a week. Make it a habit.

And above all, good luck!


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