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First section

Column 1

Test page for every facility. This should contain an example of every feature in the formatting. Fields that start with the right magic sequence are automatically turned into links:
Fields that have a case insensitive page name as an initial segment create links.

HelpMe / GoodStyle

Column 2

New paragraph.
After a line break
split by HR. Links: Test Page, SimplePage, FrontPage123
Non-links, inhibited by initial ~: TestPage, SimplePage, FrontPage

Note how the trailing comma "works". This is because the initial page name match throws away the trailing comma. When there is initial punctuation it works because we throw away initial non-alpha characters: "TestPage"

Second section

  • Bullet list
  • Second line
    • sub-line
  • Third item

Another section

With some text. bold test four words in total.

now to see if the start and end of modes and embed correctly.

And should close at paragraph break.

[[[> Right _ float ]]] [[[< Left _ float ]]] Pre-formated text
including TestPage link
And line breaks _
and external links !*
and bold text

Single - dashes - separating - words.

Symbols: < > &
Codes: &lt; &gt; &amp;

Equations: $e^{i\pi}+1=0$
Drawings: $\unitlength{.6}\picture(100){(50,50){\circle(99)}(20,55;50,0;2){\fs{+1}\hat\bullet}(50,40){\bullet}(50,35){\circle(50,25;34)}(50,35){\circle(50,45;34)}}

$2=x^x^x^.^.^.$ $4=y^y^y^.^.^.$
$2=x^{\(x^x^.^.^.\)}$ $4=y^{\(y^y^.^.^.\)}$
$2=x^2$ $4=y^4$
$x=\sqrt{2}$ $y=\sqrt{2}$

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