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The MathsJam Gathering is very much a /Gathering,/ in essence an
event for people to get together and play. But we also have a
schedule of talks.

We also have two tables at the back of the room - one for things for people to take away
with them, and the other for things for people to play with and
not take away. This means attendees can bring along puzzles,
handouts, toys, games, knitted items, and anything else they want
to share with people.


!! Provisional Timings

Registration opens at about 11:00 on Saturday morning.

#These#timings#are#likely#to#change# but will be

These timings are now relatively
confirmed but may be subject to slight changes before the event.

!! Saturday

* 12:30 Lunch
* 14:00 14:00-14:40 Session 1a
** /Break/
* 15:10 15:10-15:50 Session 1b
** /Break/
* 16:20 16:20-17:00 Session 1c
** /Break/
* 17:30 17:30-18:10 Session 1d
** /Break/
* 18:30 19:00 Dinner

Saturday evening tables (8pm-9pm)

(8pm-9pm and 8.30pm-9.30pm)

Jam (9pm onwards)

!! Sunday

* 07:30 Breakfast
* 08:45 08:45-9:30 Session 2a
** /Break/
* 10:00 10:00-10:45 Session 2b
** /Break/
* 11:15 11:15-12:00 Session 2c
** /Break/
* 12:25 12:30-12:50 Session 2d
** /Break/
* 12:50 Lunch

On Sunday, the room is still open until 17:00, and many people stay on
the Sunday night.

!! Talks are strictly limited to just five minutes!
(Shorter is perfectly acceptable)

* Schedule of talks
* Schedule of talks with abstracts
* Notes for speakers

There are some opportunities to volunteer to help should you
be so inclined. It's absolutely not required, although some
people feel that it enhances the experience.

* [Link to Volunteer live document](

There are also several MathsJam Activities running during the
weekend, which can be found on that page.