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The MathsJam Gathering will take place in spatial audio environment - a way
This page is intended
to talk to other people using video and audio, but in a space help you can move around using the arrow keys, which gives a more natural conversation experience. If you've never used it before, we'll be running sessions during the week leading up travel to the gathering in which you can try out the space and learn about how it works. For a rough introduction, visit the 'how-to' guide on the website:


Although the Gathering is online, we're hoping that since restrictions are more relaxed than last year, you can enjoy it with others if that's something you're happy/able to do. You might already know some other MathsJam attendees who live near you, or have friends you would otherwise be planning to attend the event with in person.

If you're on your own, you can access the entire event by joining and walking around, talking to people and watching the talks, which will be streamed on YouTube with the link shared in There will be regular 'real-world' breaks, as well as the virtual breaks between talks, during which time will be closed and you'll have a chance to spend some time away from the computer.

If you're in touch with other people who are attending the event, and would like to meet up with them in small groups, you could arrange to spend the conference days at someone's house or a neutral
venue, watch the talks together on a shared screen and spend the 'real-world' breaks talking to each other, sharing catering etc.

If you do this, you should make sure you also have a way to use the space individually during the online breaks, as this will be your chance to walk around and talk to the other conference attendees. Bring separate laptops/computers/tablets† for everyone who wants to do this, and we would recommend moving into different rooms within the house, or being far apart within the same room, as well as using headphones to make sure your sound isn't picked up by others' microphones, since otherwise there will be overlap/feedback.

† support for tablets is currently patchy and sub-optimal - you can't use your own video camera, and there
are limits on interaction with objects. This may have improved by November, and for so many options it's quite tricky. So we've made
a sort of "Do It Yourself Adventure" trail.

Well, not really, but click
the latest information, visit links to get the information
you need.

* Travelling by air
* Travelling by car
* Travelling by train
* Travelling by bus
* Hitching a ride