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If you are travelling by air then you need to decide which
airport to arrive at, and then how to travel to the venue
when you arrive.

!! Choosing an airport

There are several airports you can choose to aim for. Every
major airport has links to the rail network, and then there's
a trade-off to be had between subsequent length of journey,
number of changes, and total cost. Train times will vary
significantly outside of obvious travel and office hours.
!! Onward travel

When you arrive at the airport you can then purchase a single
or return ticket to any of Stone, Stafford, or Stoke-On-Trent.
More details are on the page on travelling by train. You might
choose to hire a car, which would probably only make financial
sense if you are travelling in a group. Similarly, you could
take a taxi directly from the airport to the venue.

There is some information about travelling by bus or coach.

!! Airports

Here are the main options for which airport to choose.

* Prices are as from 2017 and will have changed.
* Times change substantially for travel in the early morning or late evening.
* Updated times and prices are still to come ...

What follows is a very rough summary - the details will be wrong.

| *Airport* | *Time* | *Changes* | *Price* |
| Manchester Airport | 90 mins | 1 or 2 | 23 |
| Birmingham Airport | 75 mins via Stafford _ 90 mins via Birmingham _ and Stoke-on-Trent | 1 or 2 | 25 |
| Heathrow Airport | 3 to 4 hours | Probably 3 | ?? |
| Gatwick Airport | 3 to 4 hours | Probably 3 | ?? |

Click on the individual airport links for more specifics.

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Luton and Stansted are both north of London so might sound
as though they should be preferable to Heathrow or Gatwick
if you have them as options. However, Stansted requires
you to travel down into London anyway, and Luton requires
you to take a bus to connect with the rail services.

_ _


Arriving at Luton requires a bus journey connecting to
train services, and then at least two trains. Journey
time approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hours, and very dependent
on time of travel.

_ _


Stansted airport requires a train into London, journey
on the underground, then two trains back out to Stone.
Again, the journey time is around 3 hours, but with (a
minimum of) three changes.

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