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Some people who attend the MathsJam Annual Gathering choose to
find someone with whom to share a room. If you'd like to do
that, here are some guidelines on how to make it happen.

Decide which of you will reserve the room, and then put the
other person as the second occupant. Most likely you will
choose for the room to
should be "Twin (two people, separate beds)."

quite straight-forward.

* You
can choose each to pay your part of the total separately,
purchase a "half-occupancy" ticket;

* Let us know who you're sharing with;

* Select whether
you can choose to settle up between yourselves and just
make one payment. Whatever works.

Please make sure that payments quote the reference for the
room - the reference number is at the top of the page where
you make your reservations.

want a double bed or twin beds.

can ask for others who might be interested in a room share,
and to facilitate that we have created a Live Document here:


Good hunting!