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! For those joining ~the event on-line ...

While this years' MathsJam Annual Gathering is taking place in-person,
there will be an online option for those who wish to join remotely. We're
hoping to make as much of the conference accessible remotely as possible.
The entire event is run by volunteers, and while we'll do our best to make
sure the remote experience is good, we may experience technical issues which
impact on this experience.

For the talk sessions, we’ll be streaming these live from the room through
a YouTube feed, the link to which will be shared with registered attendees
only, and also the recordings will remain available (on the same links) to watch back for a short while afterwards.

The interactive part of the event will take place in
in *Virtual*Yarnfield.* This is an online space
for remote attendees to use to talk to each other between sessions, based
in spatial audio environment [](

[]( Links to the livestreams can also be found in the virtual space, on the TVs there.

you're not familiar with the platform, we suggest you try it out now -
you can visit [Virtual Yarnfield](
any time between now and the event, and familiarise yourself with the
space. Gather allows you to walk around with the arrow keys and talk to
others who are nearby, and we've recreated the real venue fairly accurately
so you can see what it's like.

From around a week before the event, this space will be locked using a password, which will then be emailed to registered attendees. It will then not be accessible to anyone not registered for the online event until after the weekend is finished.

There's also some helpful advice about using Gather on the website:
* [Link to Gather Town's advice page](

We'll have a dedicated team member - Alex - onsite to serve as a liaison with remote attendees, and their avatar will be present in the space throughout the event sessions. If you have any problems - including with audio or video on the stream - or need help using the space, you can find Alex and ask them anything you need, or email

We can organise some prearranged times in the lead-up to the event when people will be around in the virtual space for you to meet with and practice, and to answer any questions you have - if this would be useful to you, email for more information.

It will be possible for remote attendees to give talks and to join in with the Q&A after each session. Giving talks will involve joining a Zoom call, the link to which will be shared with speakers. Remote speakers will be able to share slides and will be seen in the room and on the livestream.

After each session of talks, there’ll be a 30-minute break. We’ll be directing the speakers to answer questions at the front of the stage for the first 10 minutes of this break, then for the next 10 minutes they’ll head to a special dedicated remote Q&A room. If you have any questions or want to chat to the speakers, please post a chat message in to Alex’s avatar, indicating who you’d like to speak to and we can make sure that speaker comes to the remote room. If we don’t get any remote questions for a particular speaker, they won’t be told to join the virtual Q&A, so please say if you do want to ask something or just chat generally (even if you don’t have a specific question in mind).

The MathsJam Activities page includes details of our MathsJam Jam and Competition Competition, both of which you will be able to participate in remotely - the link to watch a livestream of the Jam will be in the space and emailed to participants. We also have a virtual analogue of the 'Tables at the Back of the Room', along with some hidden 'Easter Eggs' in Virtual Yarnfield which you can interact with.

† support for phones and tablets is more limited,
so you may find the event better if you're able to access it through a
computer. For information about the Gather Mobile app, visit: