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! MathsJamJam

[[[> One of the _ MathsJam activities ]]]
MathsJamJam is traditionally a singalong where we sing popular songs
that have been rewritten with mathematical lyrics. This year we’re
attempting to recreate this in an online way. We’d love you to join
in by submitting your mathematical lyrics to a song and/or by recording
yourself singing or playing. All the recordings we get for each song
will be combined into one track and the tracks will be played at some
point over the MathsJam weekend.

Don’t expect beautifully engineered, perfectly balanced songs. Do
expect enthusiastic, collaborative performances that capture the
spirit of MathsJamJam as closely as possible given the circumstances.
That’s what we’re aiming for, anyway!

! Instructions - Short Version

Submit lyrics as soon as you can, with a link to a karaoke/instrumental
version of the song, and optionally a guide vocal. Upload here:


or send

Submit audio/video recordings by #12th#November.# #17th#November.# Filename format:

* SongTitle_Instrument(s)_YourName.

Upload here:


or send by

Please email Sam at the address above if you can help with:
* editing tracks/videos together
* recording guide vocals.

! Instructions - Long Version

!!! Lyrics

Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song, giving them a mathematical theme.
If you need inspiration, look through the MathsJamJam Songbook 2016-2019


to see what other people have written. When you’ve written your lyrics,
choose a karaoke or instrumental track for the song. There are plenty
available on YouTube, or record your own if you prefer. This will be
used to line up recordings, and possibly as a backing track if nobody
sends an instrumental recording. Add a link to the track in your lyric
sheet and upload the lyric sheet here:


or send by

If you want to, you can record a vocal guide to show how the lyrics fit
and for other people to harmonise to. This is completely optional - if
you don’t provide one, we’ll try to get somebody else to record one.

There’s no fixed deadline, but the earlier you submit your lyrics, the
more time people will have to make recordings.

!!! Recordings

Choose a song or songs from the lyrics folder:


and record yourself singing and/or playing the song. You can do lead
vocals, backing vocals, guitar, tambourine, grand piano - whatever you
fancy! Play along to the instrumental or guide vocal track that is linked
to on the lyric sheet, so that everyone is playing at the same tempo, but
please use headphones to listen to this track - your recording should
contain only your performance, otherwise we’ll have multiple layers of
the karaoke track on the final version.

You’re welcome to submit more than one recording, and to listen to any
recordings that are already in the folder to see what other people have
done. Audio or video is fine, we’ll attempt to put together whatever we
receive. It doesn’t matter if your performance has mistakes - participation
is more important than perfection!

Name the files using this format:

* SongTitle_Instrument(s)_YourName

For example:

* UpsideDown_VocalPiano_SamHartburn.mp3

If you don’t want to be credited on the final version, don’t include your
name. Upload your tracks here:


or send them by

Note that the upload folder is public - emailed files won’t be put in this
folder, and will only be heard combined with the other recordings, so if
you prefer to keep your solo performance private then email it. If the
file is too big to email directly then you can email a link to a file on
dropbox/google drive etc.

! The deadline for recordings is #12th#November#


It's a soft deadline - we’ll
do our best, but we can’t guarantee to include anything received
after this date.


The full songbook for all 75 songs submitted over 2016 to 2019 is at:

The songbook for 2019 is at:

There's also a version with chords for anyone wanting to play along:

Videos of four of 2018's songs are online here:

Songbooks from previous Jams are available here: