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! MathsJamJam

[[[> One of the _ MathsJam activities ]]]
On the Saturday evening we will be having gather with our instruments and voices for a singalong where we will be
popular songs that have been rewritten with mathematical lyrics.

You are welcome
we've improved by rewriting them to be about maths.

You can
join in by submitting your mathematical version of a
in any or just coming along and singing with us. You're also
all of these ways:
* submit mathematical lyrics for a song of your choice by sending them
to by 31 October 2023
bring your own guitar/ukulele/grand piano/triangle/whatever and join
in by playing too.

For more information, or to contribute to the songbook
play along - we'll provide chord sheets for 2022, please
send Songbook submissions should be sent in by 12th November, to give us time to find and learn
all the music.

* just come along and sing with us.

! Chords and lyrics for 2023
* [Lyrics](
* [Chords](
* [Chords for instruments that use a capo](
* [Chords for instruments with Bb tuning](

is also a collaborative document where you can work on lyric ideas with other people:
* [Link opens in new tab](

Chord sheets for
[Spotify playlist]( of the original versions of all the songs that have been received so far are available here:
* [Link opens in new tab](


used this year.

Contact if you need more information.


full songbook for all 82 95 songs submitted since 2016 is at:
* [Link opens in new tab](


of four of 2018's songs are online here:
* [Link opens in new tab](

Songbooks from previous Jams are available here:
* [2022 on Google Drive](
[2021 on Google Drive](
* [2019 on Google Drive](
* [2018:PDF](
* [2017:PDF](
* [2016:PDF](