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So, what happens at a MathsJam?

The MathsJam weekend is basically a time to get together and
simply relax in the company of people who like the same kind
of stuff you do. It's a gathering of the tribe, as it were.

Primarily, there is time to chat with people. But here are
some of the
we also traditionally run
activities run by volunteers and attendees alongside
alongside the programme of talks:

* MathsJam Bakeoff
* Competition Competition
* MathsJam Jam
Saturday evening tables

!! Tables of Stuff

At the back of the room, we place two tables - one is for
things you're happy for people
* MathsJam Jam

We're attempting
to take away with them, and
the other is for things you're happy for people to play with
and /*not*/ take away. This means attendees can bring along
puzzles, handouts, toys, games, knitted items
run as many of these as possible in the virtual format, and anything
else they want to share with people.

Occasionally contributors
details/links will be added to the 'things appropriate pages as to take' table have
requested a small donation in a collection box, either to
cover the costs of producing the items, or for charity. This
is strictly optional.
how you can get involved.