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The MathsJam Annual Gathering has been honoured in the past
to welcome international visitors from several countries. We
like to try to make things as easy as possible, but we are
limited as to the support we can offer.

Here is some information.

!! Travel
Most of our international visitors will be travelling by air,
and so that page has information about airports and onward
travel. You can also find out more about travelling by train,
and about train tickets, always an adventure in the UK.

* Travelling by air
* Travelling by train
* Train tickets

!! Payment
You can register for the mailing list, and then you will be
taken to a page where you can make a reservation and see how
much it will cost, and see details on how to pay.

* How to Register

If you have a problem making an international payment then
you can try emailing us - - but we
don't have many options.

!! Visas
Regarding visas - we can offer no advice. Requirements
vary from country to country and change constantly. We
can't research all the options - that's up to you. We can
provide documentation stating that the event is happening,
but we can't sponsor you, or otherwise give any guarantees.

We believe that you can visit the UK on a visitor visa
and then simply attend the gathering, but you'll have
to confirm this for yourself.


!! Brexit

We don't know if or when Brexit will really happen, or
what consequences it will have for EU citizens by the
date of the Gathering. It might be wise for EU citizens
to get passports instead of relying on identity cards
being acceptable.

acceptable. It does now seem extremely unlikely that
Brexit can possibly happen before the Gathering, but
it still seems prudent to use passports.


There are some thoughts on providing Language Assistance
for anyone who is a little worried about their ability in
English. Click that link to find out more.

!! References
Here are some links to the UK Government's pages on visas: