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!! Competition Competition

[[[> One of the _ MathsJam activities ]]]
Tradition now dictates that we have a "Competition Competition" at the MathsJam weekend.

Attendees are invited to submit a competition, which the other attendees can enter, and
then the competitions are judged as to which is the best.


Arrangements will be made for participants joining remotely to be able to both enter competitions into the competition competition, and (where appropriate) to enter the competitions within the competition competition.

to the Competition Competition must be in the form of an A5 photocopied sheet,
single-sided and printed in black and white.

HANDOUTS (see below for exceptions)


If your competition is also suitable
for shouting, but some people seem not to remember these. As participants joining remotely, you were.


should additionally email a PDF of your entry form to, and we will add it to an online entry form in the virtual Jam space. If this is not practical due to the nature of your competition, you do not need to send a PDF.

For both

Minimum font size for all text on the sheet must be 18pt
* The sheet must contain all information needed to enter the competition.
* The sheet must contain space for the competition entrants to write their answer(s) and their name.
** This space may be the back of the sheet.
* A sealed container must be provided with a slot for completed entries, clearly labelled with the competition it's for
* Any type of competition is permitted as long as it can be judged by the setter (or a winner randomly chosen from the correct entries)
* Each competition must provide a prize, but that prize must be worth no more than 1 on the open market.
* Competitions must be placed on the competition competition table by the Saturday lunchtime, and be available for people to enter until the Sunday morning coffee break, when judging will occur.
* Entrants must provide
** 100 copies of their competition sheet
*** (if you don't have access to a photocopier, we can help to arrange this - contact,
** a box as described above for entries.

As with all the competitions, when you submit your entry,
please inform an organiser so they can mark down who has
submitted what, but please leave your entry anonymous.
Entries to the individual competitions within the
competition competition should not be anonymous, and you
should include space for entrants to write their name.


Entries received to the online version of the competition will be actualised by our team of trained enterers, and a physical version posted into the box, with everything from the online entry duplicated via the medium of pens, before the close of competitions. Competitors who have entered competitions into the competition competition will be given time to judge their competitions, and will have the chance to award the prize (or announce the winner if it was a remote entry, and arrangements can be made to deliver the prize if so).

will be three prizes for the competition competition:

* best competition, as chosen by the judges;
* popular vote winner ('people's choice'): awarded to the competition which receives the most (genuine) entries; and
* best attempt at circumvention of the rules while still strictly sticking to the rules.

The judging panel will be chosen randomly[+] from non-competition-entering MathsJam attendees.

[+] You know it ...