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Discussion: DiscDAG_OnBoard
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%3 N_20220512125035a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:50:35a -------------------------------- A selection isn't limited to just a single node. Click on the text within another node and you'll find you have *two* selected nodes. So now click not on the grey button for this node, click on this text that you are reading.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125414a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:54:14a -------------------------------- You can now go back and click on the stub at the top of this chart. That is then added to the selection, showing things you've seen before.  After doing that, click on the grey button below to select only this node, simplify the chart, and see the next node (if you haven't already).        (select only this node)     N_20220512125035a_ColinWright->N_20220512125414a_ColinWright N_20220512130309a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 13:03:09a -------------------------------- Guess what will happen if you are in "Neighbourhood Mode" but have no nodes selected, and then test your guess.        (select only this node)     N_20220512124254a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:42:54a -------------------------------- To start with, on this node that you are reading now, click on the "Select only this node" button.        (select only this node)     N_20220512124703a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:47:03a -------------------------------- This node you're reading now becomes visible. The previous node has a heavy border because it is "The Chosen One", the node that is selected. You can see this node because it is a direct descendent. Now click on the "Select only this node" button on this node.        (select only this node)     N_20220512124254a_ColinWright->N_20220512124703a_ColinWright N_20220512124903a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:49:03a -------------------------------- Now this node comes into view because it is the child of the selected node. The grandparent of the selected node is just a stub ... only members of the immediate family of the selected node are fully visible, more distant relatives are shown as stubs. Now click the "Select only this node" button on this node.        (select only this node)     N_20220512124703a_ColinWright->N_20220512124903a_ColinWright N_20220512124903a_ColinWright->N_20220512125035a_ColinWright N_20220512125550a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:55:50a -------------------------------- Clicking in the interior of a node toggles its membership of the selection. If it wasn't selected then it will be, if it was selected then it is removed. So you can choose to see separate parts of a chart, then click on stubs to expand your view. Now click the "Select Only" on this node.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125414a_ColinWright->N_20220512125550a_ColinWright N_20220512125654a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:56:54a -------------------------------- It is regrettable that at the moment clicking on nodes forces a complete re-render and re-display. We're working on that. Now click in the interior of this node.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125550a_ColinWright->N_20220512125654a_ColinWright N_20220512125850a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:58:50a -------------------------------- Immediately above the chart it says you are viewing in neighbourhood mode, with a link to unset that. If you click that link you'll be able to see the entire chart in one go, then scroll to the bottom.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125654a_ColinWright->N_20220512125850a_ColinWright N_20220512130140a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 13:01:40a -------------------------------- When viewing the full chart, selected nodes are highlighted with the heavy border, and have a special "SELECTED" node as a parent. Click the internal text on a few nodes to see the effect.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125850a_ColinWright->N_20220512130140a_ColinWright N_20220512130222a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 13:02:22a -------------------------------- Try switching into and out of "Neighbourhood Mode" when you have different selections.        (select only this node)     N_20220512125850a_ColinWright->N_20220512130222a_ColinWright N_20220512130140a_ColinWright->N_20220512130309a_ColinWright N_20220512130550a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 13:05:50a -------------------------------- Test what happens if you have two widely separated nodes selected and are in "Neighbourhood Mode".        (select only this node)     N_20220512130222a_ColinWright->N_20220512130550a_ColinWright N_20220512130222a_ColinWright->N_20220512130309a_ColinWright N_20220512124152a_ColinWright    By ColinWright 2022/05/12 @ 12:41:52a -------------------------------- DiscDAG is non-trivial and non-intuitive. This is a an attempt to help people learn more easily. -------- Now scroll down ...        (select only this node)     N_20220512124152a_ColinWright->N_20220512124254a_ColinWright