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I am married to Colin Wright. I was once fluent in French, although a week in Paris would put me right again! I hold a Bachelors degree in French and Linguistics from Hull (1990) and a Masters degree in Textile Design Technology and Design Management from UMIST (1998), and I co-authored a reference book on the Manufacture and Application of Fancy Yarns, which is a resource and reference work for both professionals and students in the textile industry.

These days I copy-edit and proof read translations, in particular for translator Neil Mussett and some of his colleagues in Germany.

I also create and maintain websites for various people and groups who want a clean, simple and informative presence on the Web. These include Neil Mussett, the Llanfyllin Festival in Powys, and Steve Williamson, an artist based in the North-West of England with a growing reputation.

About ten years ago I developed the first website for the Allegri String Quartet, and indeed looked after it during their anniversary season, although now the members of the Quartet undertake management of that website themselves.

In what for want of a better term I call my "free time", I do embroidery and canvaswork, and listen to Radio 3 ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/ ). I have written articles for The Lady magazine and for The Tablet, and I am working on embroidery designs and articles as well.

Sometimes there are things I want to talk about - so I'll list them on Rachels Ramblings.

I've now set up a page of Needlework Projects to show you what I do.


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