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A page for Richard Lissaman and Sue de Pomerai to collaborate on a project ...
When you edit for the first time in a session, put your username and password
in the entries at top right. When you've done this, it remembers you for
a while.

You can lock down the page so only those with passwords can edit - see the
radio buttons at top right.

You get ten minutes before the page is unlocked, but can still edit provided
no one else gets in. Save your work every 5 minutes to allow reciprocal

I suggest that when you change things, leave an explanation. The other
person can then delete it if they agree, or reply to it if they don't.
Another idea is that rather than simply deleting the other person's words,
suggest alternatives until your thoughts converge.

If this experiment works it could be really valuable. If it doesn't, I'd
like to hear what problems there are. It's not perfect, but perhaps it
will help.

- Colin

Richard, Sue, not to interfere, I'm just watchingthis experiment with interest - hope you don't mind.

Quick couple of questions
* How long is your presentation?
* How long will you give to each slide?
* Who will talk for each slide?
* You can see how to make bullet points ...
!! Slide 1

The 'old' resoures - quick reminder

!! Slide 2

Moodle - what is it?

!! Slide 3

How all of the features of the old resources now work in Moodle.

How these have been enhanced

!! Slide 4

What new features does Moodle offer?

!! Slide 5


!! Slide 6


!! Slide 7

Moodle Bridge

!! Slide 8

Future Plans

!! Slide 9