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!! MathsJam IV - A Mu Hope ...

Your booking status is here:



* ... I have noted your dietary and/or access requirements.
* ... I have registered all your payments.
* Lifts from Stone station: 11:00 to 13:00
** Call 07980 572296 if you get stranded
** Call me if you get stranded
* List of talks:
* Offer a talk:
* Call the venue to book a room the night before or after: 01785 762900
* Quote "MathsJam" - it should be 60
* Ride share and room share:
* Or coordinate via Twitter:
* Don't forget the MathsJam Bake-off!
* General information:

Here is all the information I think you need. If there's
anything missing or wrong, email me. There is much repetition
here because I don't have time to make it tidier, and to do so
would run the risk of losing information. If there's something
you can't find, read it again, then email me.

!! NEW - 2013/10/31 13:45

!! NEW - 2013/11/01 21:55

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, here is a list
of talk titles and abstracts:


And here is the propsed running order (subject to change):

!! Added: 2013/10/31 13:45
There is no dress code for dinner, and I
expect many people won't change. It is not
a formal sit-down meal this year - to keep
costs down it is a meal in the venue restaurant/cafeteria. After the event we'd
welcome feedback about this.

There is after-dinner "entertainment"!

!! Summary

As always, check your room status:


Make sure:

* ... I've got a payment from you.
** If it's wrong, we'll sort it out.
** If there's no payment then I don't think you're coming, and there may not be a room for you, so EMAIL ME NOW.

* ... I've noted anything special for you:
** If you need a twin (two beds) instead of a double room (one large bed) then I must know in advance
** If you have any access or dietary requirements you must let me know.
* In each case, email me.

If you want a room Friday night or Sunday night, phone the venue:
01785 762900 - Quote "MathsJam" - it should be 60

For ride share and room share:


Or coordinate via Twitter:


!! Travel

The closest station, and the one for which delegates will run a
shuttle service, is Stone (Staffs). There are taxis available at
either Stafford or Stoke-on-Trent. If you're coming to Stone and
want a lift, let us know if you will be outside the window 11:00
to 13:00. Lunch is at 13:00, we start at 14:00. If you arrive
after 13:00 we need to know. In emergency, phone 07980 57 22 96.

!! Supplies

No supplies will be provided! Bring your own pads, pens, scissors,
sellotape, post-it notes, etc. There will be spares, but we will
not be providing these.

!! Talks

List of talks:

Offer a talk:

A schedule will be available on Saturday morning at the venue,
so you could be on at any time! This is simply because I'm
not organised enough to do it in advance, and offers of talks
are still coming in.

!! Bake-off!

Don't forget the MathsJam Bake-off!

!! Other

General information:

!! Quick links

* What's a MathsJam:
* General:
* Status:

!! Talks

It's time to submit your talks!

As always, all slots are 5 minutes only. In that time you don't
have time to teach us anything, but you do have time to show us
something cool. You can submit your request for a talk slot here:


You can change your mind later if you want to, and you can submit
more than one talk offer. Slots will be assigned closer to the

Here are the talks offered so far ...

* Offered:

!! Rooms before and after
Rooms are available at the venue on the Friday and Sunday nights.
Call them and book it, quoting "MathsJam", and you should get bed
and breakfast for 60. (I think that's the single rate for one
night - I didn't think to check the double rate. Sorry). Yarnfield
Park is easy to find on the web, but I think the phone number is
01785 762900. You might ask about their rate before quoting the
MathsJam reference, just to make sure you really do get a better
price! (I have a nasty suspicious mind, I know).

!! Bake off!

This year we are having a MathsJam Bake-off!

As an experiment, and in the interests of broadening the range of
things going on at MathsJam, this year we're trying out a maths
baking competition, to test your baking skills. There'll be a cake
contest, judged by the MathsJam committee, and anyone attending the
conference is welcome to enter. Entry to the competition is free
(well, more strictly, it'll cost you approximately one cake). The
rules are:

* You must bake a mathematically interesting cake, and bring it with you to the conference. (Please also bring a knife to cut your cake; we'll provide serving plates.)

* The judging will be in three categories:
** best cake,
** best presentation, and
** best maths.

* The first will reward a well-baked, delicious item; the second will reward the cake which has been decorated the most beautifully and looks most like what it's supposed to be; and the third will reward the most ingenious mathematical theming to the cake.

Any cake not required for judging purposes will be distributed among
the MathsJam conference attendees. If you'd like to enter, please
inform Katie who'll be coordinating the entries, by sending
!! IMA Manchester Festival

Here's a note I've been passed by the organisers of the IMA Manchester Festival:

Dear Maths Jammer ...

As part of the celebrations of its 50th anniversary in 2014, the
IMA in collaboration with the University of Manchester is organising
a 'Festival of Mathematics and its Applications'. It will take
place in the Turing Building, University of Manchester, with the
main activities on 3--4th July 2014, with a set up period
reception and 'private viewing' on the 2nd July.

The Festival of Mathematics and its Applications is meant to
be a forward looking exhibition showing the achievements and potential
of mathematics and mathematicians. There will be a mix of activities,
exhibitions, public talks, seminars, discussions and receptions,
which should appeal to a wide audience ranging from secondary school
students, academic mathematicians and the general public.

We would be very pleased if you would consider coming and bringing an
exhibition to the festival. We will be able to provide you with
floor space on the ground floor of the Turing Building, together
with tables, display boards and electrical power.

There will be no charge for exhibitors to come but we are keen to
encourage offers of sponsorship. Unfortunately we are not able to
offer expenses at this stage.

If this appeals to you, please could you let us have a short proposal
for consideration telling us what sort of exhibition you could
provide on or before 8th November. As space is limited we may not be
able to take all exhibitors, and thus we will be looking for proposals
that would lead to exciting and interactive mathematical exhibitions.

Best regards on behalf of the organising committee

* Paul Glendinning (Manchester),
* Chris Budd (Bath),
* John Meeson (IMA)