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So Twitter has decided to change their mobile web interface, which has made it nearly completely useless on the netbook I work on when I travel OK, it's an old netbook, but it has wifi, Open Office, terminal access, Python, Skype, and a host of other stuff I use. It's not fast, but it works well in nearly every place and nearly every context.

So I'm a bit annoyed, and when I could access it from somewhere else I said so on twitter. Interestingly, two people replied, so I'm creating this page to explain what's wrong. This page will change fairly quickly as I can type stuff in. Mostly, though, it's somewhere to host any screen-shots I take.

So here's the first screen-shot. It's the main twitter mobile window.

The blue and black bars across the top of the page are, I guess, expected to have icons to click on for all the functions, such as tweeting. Probably others, but I can't tell, as there's nothing there. And yes, I have both JavaScript and Java enabled, and both work on other sites, so that's not it.

And yes, this is an old browser, I know, but I can't change that because of the limited capabilities of the underlying machine.

The next thing to notice is that there are no "reply", "ReTweet" or "Favorite" buttons on the existing tweets, so there's no way to interact with the existing tweets.

I can't find my messages, incoming or outgoing, and I don't have a search box.

UPDATE: Turning off images "fixes" this for now. Read on ...

Right, so I've had a reply and clicked the "Turn images off" link. Now the blue and black bars contain text, so I can actually tweet again. That's an impressively fast response, and they are much to be commended.

Thank you.

It seems churlish to complain, but it's annoying that I get the functionality back at a loss of the avatars, but no doubt that will be worked on.

The next complaint is that the search doesn't seem to find everything it used to. In particular, this URL:

does not find this tweet:

So that's annoying. Not sure it's part of the same thing. Seems unlikely.

Still very annoying, though.

Next, I really do like the "View Conversation" link - I've wanted that for a long time. Thank you.

Remaining complaints/annoyances

Loss of avatars

Fixing the "I can't tweet at all" problem has removed avatars as well.

Search is incomplete

The search
does not find

Extra click to tweet

It now takes an extra click to tweet: It used only to require clicking in the box at the top. A reply has said: So they are aware of the user interface issue, and currently it's a deliberate choice.

And having said all that ...

I do like the "View conversation" feature.

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