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Liverpool Mathematical Society Minutes

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on 16th September 2009 at Liverpool Hope University.

  • Sue Harkness (in the Chair)
  • Lonnie Readioff,
  • Colin Wright,
  • Mary Stevenson,
  • Ann Newstead,
  • Peter Newstead,
  • Frances Sibert,
  • Peter Giblin,

Apologies from:

1. Matters arising from the previous meeting, 20 May 2009

There was nothing which was not noted later in the meeting. The minutes were accepted as a true record.

2. Treasurer’s Report (Peter Newstead)

It was reported that there was a negligible loss on the year. It was asked whether the capital could be used to generate interest but this was not feesable due to the difficulty of shifting the money. The accounts were accepted. It was noted that Martin Bamber has been added as a signatory of the LivMS bank account with HSBC.

3. 2009/10 Meetings and Events

3.1 Publicity of events

A discussion was held as to promoting the events organised by the Society. It was decided that extra sheets could be sent with the MEM Orbiter in future. The Orbiter is a set of links to more information and it was proposed that the Orbitor should feature more web rather than email links. Also, it was proposed that the words ‘small grants’ rather than ‘bursaries’ should be used on the Orbiter. It was reported that the Orbiter can be sent via Email and Flash Faxing.

It was decided that creating a single spreadsheet of contact details was a good idea but that the emails should be relevant to the person receiving the information and so it was proposed that an email survey be sent to all contacts listing all events the Society are connected with and so gather responses that way.

It was remarked that attachments may be difficult for some to receive due to the school system filtering these out and so it was proposed that all information should be sent in the body of the email as opposed to attachments.

ACTION: Lonnie to create a spreadsheet and circulate to the Committee for contacts to be added and then all on this list to be emailed with a survey.

a) Primary Meetings (Wendy Singleton)

a. 2009/10

b. 2010/11
Wendy Singleton reported that she is having difficulty finding speakers for the 2010/11 series. It was decided that Mahnaz could circulate the Primary Trainers at Liverpool Hope and that Sue Harkness would ask the LEA Primary Team.

ACTION: Chris Marchant to be asked if he and his colleges from the Primary Roadshow trials at Ellesmere Port would be able to produce a session.

b) GCSE Meeting

An update on this was received from Peter Giblin. The date is 26 November and the start time is 5pm. All three exam boards have been emailed and Peter Giblin will contact again – so far no response had been received from Edexcel, which caused surprise amongst the committee members. Mary Stevenson reported that rooms had been booked at Hope. Timing of the event was discussed with 5-6pm for the talks followed by a 15 minute break and then 6:15 to 7pm for Sue Pope, who has confirmed she will be present. Charging was mentioned with £20 per school being decided.

ACTION: Sue Harkness to circulate schools to promote the event.

ACTION: Lonnie to be the one to collect forms.

c) A GCE meeting

It was decided that we should have one and that we should let people know at the GCSE Meeting, since this would be a ‘captive’ audience. No action at present, but wait until after the GCSE meeting to decide. Suggested date in April 2010.

ACTION: Lonnie to collect forms. ACTION: Sue Pope to be contacted by Peter Giblin with a suggested date of either 29 April or 4 May 2010 though the final date to be decided by Sue Pope’s availability.

d) Open Challenge

It was reported that the competition will happen at February half term week, the theme will be Cluedo and the date of the prize evening is under discussion.

e) Secondary Programme (Mary Stevenson)

Mary Stevenson wished to apologise that she had not got a full program. The date fixed for this term is 7 November and the session will be on functional maths. Two further sessions are proposed after Christmas. A flyer detailing these will be sent out at a later date.

f) Pop Maths Quiz

The date of 6 March 2010 was proposed and accepted.

ACTION: It was suggested that David was to ask if there was a person at JMU who wished to take on all or part of the Pop Maths Quiz. An alternative suggestion was that David could suggest that somebody at JMU could do the room booking and that David could organise the rest of the event. ACTION: Should any member of the committee wish to take on the Pop Maths Quiz then they should contact the secretary.

g) Ordinary Meetings

a. David Spiegelhalter – 11 November 2009
Mary Stevenson reported that Lecture Theatre A at Hop has been booked for the talk. Colin Wright has agreed to look after David if he wishes, although the LMS would also pay for a hotel room should David wish this instead. The talk is being advertised for 5pm with refreshments from 4:30.
b. Richard Lissaman – 25 February 2010
Ann Newstead is to book the rooms for this talk at Liverpool University in the Chadwick Theatre. A flyer is to be circulated with details, including the postcode of the Visitor Car Park at Liverpool University. Martin Bamber has said he will look after Richard.
c. 2010/11 series.
Jim Al-Khalili – Peter Giblin is to contact about a possible talk in 2010/11. Helen Joyce – Colin Wright is to contact about a possible talk in 2010/11. No other names were suggested.

h) AGM and Presidential Lecture.

Martin Bamber has no title yet. The date is still 13 May 2010.

4. Roadshow Committee (Peter Newstead)

Version 5 will be two discs, 1 of which will contain the 221foreign222 Roadshow as Version 4 and the other English as Version 5. The price has been set at £30, with the cost being £20 for orders of 10 or more. It was reported that some confusion could arise over the current order form and so it was decided that the form wording would be altered to reflect that each disc covers a school licence. ACTION: Change list from V4 to V5 to be put on the website. ACTION: until Version 5 is on sale those ordering V4 can buy it for £20 and then receive Version 5 for another £10.

5. ICT Version Of The Roadshow (Barry Grantham)

A very good presentation by Barry showcasing the new ICT version of the Roadshow. It has different levels of difficulty built in and is being designed to be easily updated/changed. ACTION: various teachers are to be circulated with the time limited demo for trials, with Barry co-ordinating the reception. An ICT Roadshow Committee w as formed consisting of Francis, Barry and Peter Giblin. They will report progress at the next meeting in February.

6. Website Development / Membership (Colin Wright / Peter Newstead)

Peter Newstead and Colin Wright were granted cart blanch to do as they wish with the website provided they can justify their actions to the committee should this be required. At this time subscriptions are still not being taken because the system is still not quite ready. Subscriptions for members of the MA or ATM are £4.

7. Maths Association Business (Dave Pountney)


8. Date of next meeting and location

The date of the next meeting is 2 Feb 2010 at Cammel Lairds the start time is 5:30pm to allow everybody to arrive. ACTION: Colin Wright to confirm room bookings, or the meeting will revert to Liverpool University.

9. A.O.B.

Barry reported that MEM Business is normally on the agenda. As such, he reported that the MEM AGM is at 4:15 on 30 Sep 2009 at Liverpool Hope. He reported that the Challenge competitions will coincide with Open Challenge and that he has emailed hundreds of people about the Masterclass222.
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