Constructing A Pentagon

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Method 1

  • Draw circle centre A
  • Draw perpendicular diameters BC and DE
  • Construct midpoint of AD
    • label F
  • Construct line BF
  • Construct bisector of angle AFB
  • Label G - the intersection of bisector and AB
  • Draw parallel to CD through G
  • Label H intersection of parallel with circle
  • BH is one side of pentagon
    • complete pentagon

Method 2

  • Draw circle centre O, radius OA
  • Construct 2 radii perpendicular to OA
    • label OB and OC
  • Construct D, the midpoint of OB
  • Draw circle, centre D, radius DA
    • label E, the intersection with OC
  • Draw circle, centre A, radius AE
    • label F and G, the intersection with the original circle
  • AF and AG are two sides of the pentagon
    • complete pentagon

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