MathsJam talk offer ...

As always, we're really excited about the MathsJam, but the thing that makes it work is people bringing and sharing things that they find interesting, cool, fun, intriguing, puzzling, or just plain weird.

So again, we need people to give talks. They don't need to be big, long, complicated talks. In fact, we're after short, sharp talks. Lightning talks. Five minutes.


This is where you can sign up to offer a talk. If you have something to tell us about, then complete this form and we'll do our best to give you a slot. We need between 30 and 40 talks to make things go with a real swing.

But at only five minutes you can't teach us anything. All you can do is show us something. Then people can come and talk to you afterwards during the breaks.

Which is why we've scheduled lots of breaks.

So here we go.

Tell us about your talk.

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A little more detail ...

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When can you talk?

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Facilities provided ...

We will provide a data projector for you to connect your computer to. In addition, lots of people will have laptops there so you can just bring your talk on a USB memory stick and we can run it on someone else's machine. Be warned - they may not have the same version of Word (or whatever) so you may be best advised to have a simple PDF, or to test your talk on their machine first.

We will also have a visualiser available, which is basically a camera attached to the projection system. You can then write free-hand on paper, or display pictures, and everything should "just work." There will be a flipchart, and probably a whiteboard.

If you need anything else, put it in the text box below.

And finally ...

If you think I've missed anything, let me know here ...